Subject: Summer Travel - US or Abroad?
Hello Ziners,

Heard a report on NPR this morning re the declining dollar (against the euro) and the effect on travel this summer. Their travel guru advised either traveling in the US or in those countries where the dollar is still strong (Canada and Mexico, etc.). Since we were planning a trip to Ireland for this summer, I'm wondering if perhaps a change of plans would be in order or should be stick with our original plan.

Are any other ziners considering this? (I guess that's a trick question - I know we're all considerate of our wallets!) My question is - does this work into your travel decisions (more or less) particularly at this time? Maxa suggested that trips to Europe be booked (and paid for) now, in order to avoid any further decline in the US dollar. Is this a good idea? I would love to hear from others on this.

That being said, I've never been to Mexico - this would be a family vacation with my adult daughter - around 10 days or so. We would be interested in ancient sites and maybe some beach - Any suggestions, here too, would be welcome.

Best regards, Vanessa Chilly and Snow in Cutchogue, NY