Subject: Re: Greece 2004

Thanks for the info.

I understand that the ferry sailings will not be into their summer schedule until May/June but Rachel and I wish to go early to miss the summer heat and the crowds. As Rachel gets very sick on any sort of boat or ship we will be flying to Santorini and from there I understand there is a ferry service to Amorgos. Rachel accepts that this will not be too pleasant for her but both of us wish to visit one island which does not experience the huge influx of tourists. Both of us love going for walks/hikes and Amorgos seems to fit the bill on that score. Another reason why it doesn't matter if we go early in the season is that we are not beach people so water temperature is of no concern to us. Having said all that though, if we can't get suitable accommodation we may have to re-think our arrival dates.

While our itinerary is very tentative at this stage, any information on Amorgos will be most appreciated.

Thanks again.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield(New Zealand)