Subject: Sedona/Paris/NYC
Hello Elizabeth and fellow Ziners!

Elizabeth you have pretty much managed to mention my three favorite places in one e-mail!

Re: Sedona - two wonderful places are the Enchantment Resort and the Auberge de Sedona where we stayed at a cottage by the river. Truly wonderful. Also took a private Pink Jeep tour which was great.

Re: Paris - I have fallen in love with it. Stayed for 12 days in August of last year and have some places I have gotten really fond of. If you want I can mail some suggestions though I am sure that the Ziners do to.

Picasso Museum in Paris is fantastic, quaint, well organized and in Les Marais which is an Arrondisement that I really liked to walk around in.

NYC: Probably one of the only cities I do not fight my tourist label. Enjoy being one. Go to every touristy place, see every show you can. And I feel I need to continue this with and follow every rainbow. (Couldn't resist)

Enjoy your travels. Lidia (still in LA)