Subject: Disneyland(s)
Hello Ziners

Debbie wrote:
>The other memory is my daughter, at age 3, running out into
>the middle of Main Street during the parade and yelling,
>Mickey, Mickey! It's ME! I'm here!

Well, I have the same memory about my daughter at the same age, but she was in Frontierland (Eurodisney) at the pet farm, when she called loudly hey turkey! It's me!

During the past 10 years my children forced us to explore Eurodisneyland Paris four times (by now even Mickey Mouse calls me by first name there) plus our last trip to Florida was planned around visiting as many parks as possible.
>From the beginning we have taken our children everywhere, theme parks to museums and cathedrals, but if it were up to them (now 14 and 10 y.o.) we should include at least one theme park (better if Disney's) in every trip.

Bye all

Paolo Trieste, Italy