Subject: Hotels in Montreal; also need help in renting in either Mexico or Costa Rica
Hi Ziners,

To follow up on Bed & Breakfasts in Montreal-by the way, I was glad to read Ira Bernsteins comment-to make everyones life simple why don't you all go on this web site: and since I live here perhaps I can help you find what you are looking for since I'm familiar with the locations. If you want residential yet very close to downtown, then Carole's is good. Just let me know what you are looking for. If you need any suggestions on restaurants, points of interest, shows just let me know in advance and where you would like to stay in montreal & I can make suggestions.

I also need your help as I would like to rent a place-be it time share, condo, hotel-apt etc; I would be interested in renting for about one month;near water of course and am asking for everyones help if they can suggest or know of something-in either Mexico or Costa Rica.

One more thing, does anyone know something about Fresno, California? Ciao, Patricia Montreal, Canada