Subject: Athens (Part 2)
Hi Again Everybody!

Here's a another short piece about Athens.

In most cities, I can find the one place which is where the people who interest me hang out. In San Francisco, it seems to be the entire city, although this is actually a fallacy of selective attention. Anyway, it often tends to someplace close to a university. Someplace where rents are cheap and one finds a lot of small bookstores and coffee houses, piercing shops and tattoo shops. One hears a kind of music playing which is not necessarily what I like, but which is at least not conventional mainstream.

I took me a while to discover that in Athens this is the district called Exarchia. I think that Eugenia and I had actually gone out to a cafe there once, but going out with Eugenia and her friends is very different from going places on my own. When I went to Exarchia one afternoon and looked in one bar (totally empty at that time of afternoon) and heard the new Tom Waits album playing, I knew I'd found that right district.

And yet..... Well first of all, Exarchia is far enough away that I'm dependent on a bus to get there, which keeps me from staying out too late. (Taxis are cheap, but don't seem very straightforward. I have to admit that so far I've been too intimidated to actually try to use one.)

And second of all, when one finds a place like this, in a way it's just a duplication of all the other bohemian locales I've known in my life. So far I haven't found anything that gives Exarchia a special charm of its own. Undoubtedly this is partly due to the fact that I can't have a real conversation with anyone.

Where I myself am living is a very working class district (and also red-light district), Fylis Street.

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