Subject: Re: Disneyland (or not!)
Hi Elizabeth,

I agree with you wholeheartedly (I'm judgmental too)! It never made sense to me when friends went back time and time again to Disneyland(s) instead of giving their kids an opportunity to see other parts of their own country or (if financially possible) another country. The artificiality of a place like Disneyland is wonderful for one holiday but ... there is nothing better than for kids (and adults, for that matter) to see 'real life' and get a perspective on how other people live (and have lived) to gain an appreciation and better understanding of their own situation.

I have a personal experience which, I suppose, makes me feel even more adamant about this. In the early 60s my (military) father was sent to a special senior officer's training program in London for one year and we had the wonderful experience of travelling to and from Canada by ship, living in a fantastic manor house near London, and going to a British school. My mother was born in Belfast and had many relatives over there so our first holiday was to N.Ireland to meet her relatives and for my sister and I to go horse riding at our Uncle David's riding school. After that - whenever we talked about a holiday, my sister and I always voted for N.Ireland because we loved riding. Years later, my mother told me that she had 'sacrificed a lot' for us by giving us our choice for holidays that year (and we had a number of them). She and Dad had a long list of places they wanted to visit in Europe. I didn't tell her that, in retrospect, I wish she had been firm and taken us to Europe anyway. After our initial disappointment, we would have enjoyed it just as much (if not more) and we would have expanded our horizons even more than living in England for that year had done.

Cheers ! Judy in Hong Kong