Subject: Re: Train from London to Edinburgh
Greetings :)

I'd held off with my post as I took this trip back in Oct 1996 but I read Ira's post with fond memories so thought I'd wade in.

I caught the train from London after training to the city from Guildford. My whole 6 weeks in the UK was train trekking around and it was wonderful. Nothing like chauffeur service while I can still read and eat and drink! But that said, I know the train system has now changed significantly - hasn't it been privatized with different companies responsible for different sections? So I cannot comment on the trip of late.

But I loved the ride - lovely scenery, and nothing better than buying a hot chocolate and treats and reading a book while beautiful scenery races by (I didn't read through all of it!). If memory serves me correctly I think it was about a 4 hour ride.

I managed to hop off at the correct Edinburgh station (in my memory there were 2?) which was just across the street from the small hotel I stayed at.

It rained furiously most of my 3 day stay (and was pitch black by 5pm) but my other forays were fine (Stirling, Bannockburn on local buses) :) Megan Brisbane, Australia