Subject: Re: Summer Travel - US or Abroad?
Hi Ziners!

Hard to say what the dollar-euro exchange rate will be like in summer, but as of now, U.S. travelers are going to find the Euro zone (12 countries, including Ireland) relatively expensive. The euro hasn't been this strong in two years. Today it's about just under US$1.08 (it was as low as 84 cents a year ago).

Having said that, Europe is always going to be one of the more expensive places to visit, weak dollar or strong dollar. Most European countries tax the devil out of almost everything (example: in France a 20 percent value added/sales tax on food, clothes etc).

Should you change your plans? If you really want to go to Ireland, I say, go. Just be prepared to spend a bit more.

Bons voyages!

Evan in Paris

PS As an American, I can heartily recommend traveling around the US, which has an embarrassment of riches (eg Rocky Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains, East and West coast beaches, the great cities, my hometown of Washington, D.C., the many national parks etc etc) You can't go wrong traveling in the US.