Subject: Re: Greece 2004
Dear Richard, I'd like to add some comments about your trip in Greece. Fist of all, about the time of the trip: I think it is better to come at the end of May, beginning of June.

The weather is warm, without being hot. The day is long and you can profit from the light to see more in the sunlight. The water is not cold, so you can also visit the beach. The period is still low season, so the prices are not high. There are not a lot of tourists, but all the hotels, restaurants, shops in tourist areas are opened (many hotels open at the beginning of May).

I have read Alex's mail and I'd like to add that I'm not sure if you can hiking all the Vikos Gorge, because the river is full of water until June and you must be very careful.

I agree with the idea of going to Epiros, I suggest the Hotel du Lac ( or Epirus Palace ( in Ioannina for your resistance. In Zagoria you don't need any previous booking. Go there by car and ask for rooms in the village you like. To see photos of Ioannina look at the site (the comments are in greek, but the photos are really nice). A short tourist guide about Ioannina is at the site

Last Christmas I went to Kastoria and I strongly recommend a visit to that area. For informations and photos look at the sites (some of them only in greek, but the photos are beautiful)

I stayed at the hotel Limneon Resort, an excellent hotel in front of the lake, which has opened at the end of November, manager: Voula Smaropoulou, tel. 0030 24670 85111 . I remember a PERFECT small restaurant named 1896 at the village of Argos Orestikon, about 6Km away from the hotel. And the restaurant Lithos in the town of Kastoria, in front of the lake. Don't miss their chicken with mushrooms and cream!!

>From Kastoria I propose a visit to the Lakes Prespes, Florina Town and a visit to the village NYMFAIO (or Nimfeo), which is mandatory!!!!

I will continue with proposals on Peloponissos, Pelion and the islands.

Best Regards Joanna in Athens