Subject: Fresno
Hi all.

Patricia asked about Fresno.

Since it is not #1 on tourist spots, perhaps my brief encounter on business about 10 years ago might be of some value. Let me hope to avoid flames by phrasing my comments as: there is a huge difference between California cities on the ocean and the interior ones. My experience was pleasant, and if this is a business trip, yours should be also. The food was good and, since this is an agricultural rather than manufacturing area, the air was good.

However, the cab driver who brought me in from the airport came up with one of the great lines. Since I had some free time at the end of my trip, I asked him what was interesting to do there (I did not have nor want a car for this short period). After thinking for a minute (which was a tip-off right there), he said well, we have some very good 7-11s!

On a more positive note, it is definitely prettier than Bakersfield.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, TX 75230