Subject: Re: Commelle, France
Hi Ziners:

After a look on the map (Commelle itself is totally unknown to me) I'd say there are interesting things nearby - for how many weeks will depend a lot on what you want to do exactly.

Grenoble is not my favorite town but I have to admit I had a guided tour there once which was the baddest sightseeing tour I ever had...

North of it (east of Commelle) is a hillside area where the famous Chartreuse monastery is situated. You can't visit the monastery itself but they have made a museum out of the old doorhouse - quite interesting. And iirc in Voiron (between Commelle and that hillside area) they make that famous (and STRONG) liquor.

North east of that area lies Chambéry - a nice little town. And a bit north of that is Aix-les-Bains - and a short trip from there lies Annecy about which we lately had a discussion here.

You're also not too far away from Lyon and the Rhone valley and a bit more far to the south is the Vercors.

But all of those destinations require some driving. Perhaps you try out some route planer and decide then if those trips will be too far for you - hard to decide what's bearable for someone else...