Subject: Zine Rentals in Mexico
Hello Patricia,

I'm not quite sure why you are hoping this message will be posted in tomorrow's bulletin. A review of the Message Board shows that you have now posted this exact same message four consecutive days.

I agree with you that having a personal recommendation is always preferable. Unfortunately, my experience with renting private accommodations (at least in the Yucatan) is limited to a beach house that sleeps 15 or more people.
>From what I understand of your needs this would most likely be too large. Furthermore this was rented from a private party and not through an agency. Therefore, I'm unable to make a recommendation.

The two websites that were mentioned in Tom's post yesterday should at least be a start in your search. I've used them both with good success. Although many Travelziners have traveled in Yucatan (or Mexico for that matter) it might be that they just don't have the experience with that particular type of accommodation (maybe they've stayed in hotels for the most part). Hopefully, soon a member who might be on vacation will be able to give you the specific help you request.

Good Luck!