Subject: Re: Playa Del Carmen
Hello Ziners:

I don't know if this post will go through or it will be deemed advertising by the moderators. I am not receiving any compensation for plugging this product.

We just got back from Playa Del Carmen on a cruise. Before we left, while surfing message boards I ran across hundreds of posts about the Map Chick. Everyone absolutely raves about her detailed maps of Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, so I invested in each. They are AWESOME !! Laura's maps has the most detailed information about EVERY hotel, resort, condo, restaurant, beaches snorkeling/diving reef, attraction, other business, suggestion and activity available in PDC, along with taxi-ferry-bus schedules, hints, tips, language, etc. I have ever seen, at the bargain price of $7.95 per map. Her web site: Here are a couple of links to PDC information and message boards.

Mollie in SW Oklahoma :o)