Subject: Re: Playa Del Carmen and Mayan Riviera
Hi Mollie,

I am also an extremely satisfied customer of the Mapchick's products. We used her Riviera Maya map for our last trip down to the area. An absolutely fabulous resource and one I recommend for any traveler to that part of Mexico. As you mentioned she has a website at but her maps can be found at

And Patricia (who originated this thread) should be happy to know that the links page on the Mapchick's website ( ) has a very thorough listing of accommodation sites.

Of course, I have no financial interest in the Mapchick's business endeavors. Like Mollie I am an extremely satisfied customer. So much so that I'm cursing the day I loaned my map to my brother in Colorado (all this discussion has me considering a trip back down to the Mexican Caribbean).

John in San Diego