Subject: Re: Advice needed - Is this air fare in the ballpark for summer?
Hello Ziners:

Our tickets to Spain were $1064 or something like that, but that was because we are coming back from Seville and we wanted to used one frequent flyer ticket. Have you checked Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, British Airways to see if you get a similar price? Just out of curiosity, I did a Hotwire search which may not be the best price and got $989 to Heathrow and $1006 to Gatwick. So, $1224 doesn't seem out of the ballpark. YOu might try one or two consolidators or have your travel agent check with a consolidator.

I read somewhere that a travel writer said that he could feel it that prices would be coming down, but who knows. If we are at war, prices might be really cheap!!

Good luck.

Michele Missner Appleton, Wi