Subject: Re: Condolences
Covadonga Thanks for the condolences Covadonga. One of my nieces lives near Dallas and was out grooming her horses when she heard the explosion - she didn't see anything but ran inside to turn on the news. (This is a sister to my niece who works across the street from the WTC site and lives nearby - my family seems to be in unfortunate places.)

I'm wondering - how many people here would take that ultimate trip into space? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be brave enough, despite knowing that the U.S space program has had relatively very few accidents. (Not to imply that other country's space programs are unsafe - I just don't know much about them.) I'm also slightly claustrophobic and I think that would be hard on me. But the idea of seeing the earth from space is very tempting. I remember watching the first moon landing when I was young and looking at the moon, feeling in awe of the idea that people had actually walked up there.

Marguerite in Chicagoland