Subject: Re: Capri
Hi Ziners I was so pleased to read Pat's comments praising Capri as we, too, loved our day there. True, that the food may be generally overpriced and we did have the worst cup of cofee we experienced in all of Italy but this is not enough to spoil Capri's charm.

A highlight for us, was the 45 minute hike from Capri Town to the Villa Jovis, built by Tiberius who ruled Rome from Capri! The trail is rather steep but there are pretty views all along and, at the top, is a magnificent view of the Bay of Naples with the ruins of Tiberius's palace below.

On the return and just a short way down, we stopped for a delightful sandwich and a drink in a little outdoor restaurant with a lovely view. Sorry we don't remember the name, but do remember it was not too expensive at all. Have a wonderful trip.

Regards Judy Abbotsford BC