Subject: Travel bookshops in Rome
Hi Ziners, thanks a lot for the recommendations on supermarkets and restaurants in Rome and Florence. To the ones I will be meeting next Saturday, I am looking forward to it.

And now, another question. This weekend we have, more or less, decided that our women-only holiday will be in June, and we will be driving to the Dolomites from Spain. Our idea is to prebook a hotel in France on our way out (my sister is trying to convince us that with today´s roads we can do Bilbao-Grenoble easily on a day, that it should be around 9 hours driving. We´ll see). Afterwards, we won´t do any reservation, and everything will depend on the weather and on our own interests.

I was thinking of buying a good accomodations guide, just to keep in the car and being able to call beforehand. I wasn´t interested in the Michelin Red Guide (I can borrow it from a friend), I was thinking more of a local one (in Spain I would recommend the guides published by the El Pais newspaper). Could you recommend me a good one, and also a good bookshop in Rome where I could have a look?

And completely out of the question. One of the things I have been told to buy is farro. Does anyone has a good place where I could look for recipes on how to cook it?

Thanks and regards,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain