Subject: Musee L'Orangerie ouvert??
Hi Ziners:

You guys are the greatest - thank you for all the Paris information. So one of you may be someone I have run into when I'm lost and therefore off the beaten track in Paris? My favorite little event last trip was when a young American man approached me and in a very slow speech said ou est le musee Picasso? I was thrilled he thought I was French, my tourist gear was all hidden in my purse. I know I got a smug expression as I tried for a good comeback when his face faded and he said you speak English don't you? I thought he was so cute for laboring through his French just as I do.

OK - I thought I had better web search skills - but I cannot find for certain that L'Orangerie has reopened. I found some pix of the new lighting on a site but nothing about it being ready for visitors. Any insight into this would be appreciated.

I think I gained some lbs. reading about your Angelina's love affair- do I dare get hooked too?

Thank you! Cathia in Austin, TExas