Subject: Re: PDA - Useful software and information for Travel
Greetings Paul, Congrats on getting your first Palm. I am a long time user and YES, my Palm was extremely useful to me on our November trip to Italy. I too purchased an Italian-English dictionary and I also bought an expansion card that had maps of Rome on it (I can not recommend it unless you have a modem and can use the GPS locator) but I found something far more worthwhile to do with it.

With your Palm (on the install CD) there should be a program you can install called Documents to Go. It is a freebie with most Palms. Once you install it on your Palm and your computer, you can convert Word documents to Palm and when you sync they will be on your Palm for you to read.

I copied and pasted all of the Zine files pertaining to Italy to Word and then into my Palm (including Don & Linda's travelogues) and much more. I also went to numerous websites (Italy for Dummies, Fodors, Frommers, Rick Steves, etc.) and did the same. I went to Italy with the equivalent of about 5 large travel books in my Palm, not to mention the games I took to take up time while flying. I also downloaded two or three e-books to read on the plane. One of the nice things about the Palm is that you can turn the backlight feature on when you are flying and you can still read without bothering anyone.

I might also add that I use the Palm in other travel areas as well. For any US and many Canadian city guides, check out You can download complete, up-to-date city guides for about 30 cities. There is a once a year subscription charge but it has been well worth it if you travel to even one of the cities. And the recommendations for Seattle are not half bad either. Another site I download from for domestic and a little foreign travel are restaurant reviews from

If you need any help with any of this, drop me an outside e-mail and we can get together here in the beautiful Puget Sound where it is bright and sunny today! YAHOO!!

Jim in Redmond, WA