Subject: Re: Introduction - New member in California
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Beth!

Hello Ziners,

My name is Beth and I live in a suburb of Los Angeles. My purpose for attempting to join this group is that I am tentatively planning a short excursion to London later this year, probably in September. I haven't yet decided how long I will stay, but it will be at least four days, possibly longer. My itinerary is still up in the air, and ultimately I may chicken out and not go at all. I will probably travel alone, and this will be my first time overseas, so I am apprehensive. I will be meeting on one or two evenings with a few acquaintances in London, but plan to spend most of the time sightseeing and dining on my own. I'm a college student, so my budget will be somewhat tight, but I'm also an adult so I don't want to limit myself to McDonald's, youth hostels, or the like. As the weeks go on, I'm sure I'll have many questions. I've been told by enthusiastic friends & relatives that London is the greatest city in the world (albeit one of the most expensive, they also say!) so I'm looking forward to my visit.

Best regards! Beth Los Angeles, Calif.