Subject: Re: Belgium 2003
Jane, when I was there in September 1981 ( our honeymoon), we only had some showers scattered in a sunny week. That's eons ago, but don't lose your hope, as although weather is now more impredictable than it was 20 years ago, even in the heart of summer ( as seen with the August 2002 floods ), September or June can be better than July or August. I don't know much about Belgian canals, but I can assure you that doing a very short trip by public boat on the canal linking Brugge to Damme on a Sunday morning is one of my dearest memories of all european travelling:on the shores, plenty of sunday painters and picknicking families just like in a Renoir masterpiece; and in the distance, mighty clouds over gogeous, lush countryside. Unforgettable. I think I'm the only people in Italy that chose to spend his honeymoon in Belgium ( as a matter of fact due to lack of financial resources for a more appealling trip), but I didn' t regret that choice.

Dott.Leonardo Scalfi,MD Besana in Brianza, Italy