Subject: Re: PDA - Useful software and information for Travel
Hi all. Excuse me for not copying the several of you that posted individually.

I have recently spent the last few minutes before going home (ok, you got me--I also go there at other times) surfing an excellent site for freewaRe:

There are a variety of things like timers.

Here are some items of especial use for travel other than those previously mentioned, e.g., the subway connection maker:

YAUC (Yet Another Unit Converter): Convert from US to world measures TrueTerm: Various free dictionaries, including Italian/English AlbumToGo: Create graphics albums MapMap Lite: Maps of the world, Europe, and the New York train system. You may be able to create your own add-ins from BMP files, but I have not tried (it may also require the pay version) MobileDB: This is a date base program. Its Web site, contains hundreds of relevant add-in data bases such as 800 numbers for airlines and airport codes (I have to confess that it has been a while since the airport code for Vladivostok came up in conversation, but it never hurts to be prepared). It does have ones for single malt scotch and world information)

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