Subject: Re: London for Cheap

Go for it! As Bob said though, it's a huge city to see in four days. Try not to do it all, but plan your top ten list for example. The Stockpot is a great place, I remember going there way back when, when I used to work in London! I'm a Brit by the way (living in Texas now) who grew up near London and lived in London for one year in 1990. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me off list or here with any questions. I always think that asking other toursits is a good idea as they do the kinds of things that you want to do, and often as a resident I didn't do the touristy thing! However, in 1990 I did the whole circuit with my American husband when we lived there. I have typically found that it rains in June! I know this as Wimbledon always seems to get rained off, at least the first week! July and September are usually good months. Then again I got married there on a beautiful day in April (high 70s), so you never know! Good luck planning!