Subject: Re: Paris Apartment
Hi Paris lovers,

I have stayed in a room right on rue de Rivoli in the Marais. With my windows closed, there was no noise -- its unbelievable. Many European hotels have these incredible double pain windows that absolutely block out all the noise.

I agree with the Evan in Paris who suggested that the Pompidou location might not be as good as St. Paul area partly due to its proximity to to Les Halles. I visited the Arche store near Les Halles last May and, I am not exaggerating, at least 25 police vehicles were parked along one street and police were absolutely everywhere! The women in the Arche store told me it had to do with a certain group of people from a certain area of the world who hang out there. I have never seen such a police display anywhere.

Maybe I'm different, but I welcome some of the noises of the city and always ask for a room on the street at any hotel I stay in. I like to hear and see the street. But I can assure you, if your room has those wonderful windows, they will block the noise quite adequately.

Cathia in Austin