Subject: Re: Greetings

I can only respond to your question about Fort Lauderdale. The price you quote is incredibly reasonable for that area during the season, so if you can be more specific about it is, I (and others familiar with the area) could probably tell you if it is a good thing. There is Fort Lauderdale, and then there is Fort Lauderdale.

We have a place in Pompano Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale, and many of our winter neighbors are Quebecois. In fact, there is a branch of NatBank near us. Fort Lauderdale is much busier and more congested, but there are miles of beautiful beaches and great restaurants. Because Pompano Beach is not as well known, it might be less expensive. The weather in February is usually pretty good, but can get cool. Nothing like Quebec, of course!

The east coast is very different from Fort Myers. What did you like about Fort Myers? I know many people who love the west coast of Florida, but hate the east coast. The population in the Fort Lauderdale area is far more diverse than that in Fort Myers. The pace is faster, too.

I don't really know about rental cost since we have our own, but I suggest checking with local real estate boards or chambers of commerce. It is not too early to be thinking of 2004 because I know many people reserve far in advance.

So, if this triggers any more specific questions, feel free to ask.

Lisa in Chicago, but heading to Florida next week, thank heaven.