Subject: Re: Greetings

Thank you for your quick reply.

I just went back to the site:

and entered the same info: Find a package one week Ft. Lauderdale departure Montreal and found the same deal: it's at the Ramada Hollywood Beach Resort 2+

The rates are over double now. They are for March and I'd checked for Jan 13 or 20th previously.

I have no idea if 2+ is good or not. From this list it would sound like. And I can see that it's not a hotel that's actually in Ft. Lauderdale. It's about 10 miles away in Hollywood Beach.

So when you say there's Ft Lauderdale and then there's Ft. Lauderdale, which one would this be.

A studio has a microwave according to tripcentral, but according to the hotel site itself, it even has a 1/2 fridge. One way or the other, I figured we could wing it for breakfast and lunches.

The prices go back down to the $700 CAD are in May.

Maybe January has good deals, b/c it's not real swimming weather.

What did I love about Ft. Meyers? Well, it's the only place in FL I ever say. For one thing, the water was pure turquoise, totally clear, no jelly fish, we swam every day. The beaches had people but weren't overly crowded. We visited Sanibel Captive islands. The flora and fauna were lovely. Just walking around on the beach or through the town paths that lead back to the beach was wonderful. Visiting Thomas Edison's house was a real treat. Our room had a screened balcony. I was outside from morning coffee until bedtime, smelling the ocean. 8 days was way too short.

I'm happy for you that you are going. Chicago is no picnic these days either (at least not according to Oprah :-)

thanks again and bon voyage, Suzan