Subject: Fort Lauderdale (was Greetings)

Hollywood is south of Fort Lauderdale. Although I spent many years going to the beaches in that area in the 1970's, I must admit I have not been there in a while. For many years, it was quite depressed, but I have heard it has been building up again. I looked at the location of the Ramada Hollywood Beach, and it is east of A1A at the end of Hollywood Boulevard. Anyone in South Florida familiar with the area as it is now? I might have a chance to drive by this trip, but I can't guarantee it since we are headed to the Miami Boat Show for most of our time there.

January in southeast Florida is very iffy. We were there for a couple of days this year, and it was very cold by Florida standards. One day it barely made it to 60 F and was into the 40's at night. The year round Floridians had their furs out! :-) WE have had 70's in January, but it is seldom swimming weather, and is generally windy.

I love southeast Florida, but it might be because I have been spending time there since about 1970. It really is not like what you describe about Fort Myers--it is more frenetic, in my opinion. However, there are many places to go and things to do on the east coast, and the ocean is the ocean is the ocean; I find it relaxing wherever I find it and there are miles and miles of it easily accessible to all.

If you are looking for a quieter place, I would choose to go north to Pompano Beach rather than south to Hollywood. Take a look at

I took a quick look at the accommodations section, and there are a couple of the smaller motels that seem to have relatively reasonable rates, although I did not see anything as good as the first price you mentioned. To bear out my previous comment about the number of people who visit from Quebec, a couple of the web sites are in French and in English.

Lisa in Chicago