Subject: Re: Nice
Hi Pam and all:

I did find Nice crowded and confusing to drive in with lots of cars and tiny one way streets that were always going the wrong way for me. The old town was wonderful to stroll and there are some great boulangeries at the market area in the old town. The colors of everything are stunning. Even the beach and water have their own special look. Walking in the pedestrian zone which was full of pizza restaurants at night was a lot of fun. But, we did not use the car except to leave and return to Nice. It was just too stressful to drive in town with all the tie-ups.

Villefranch was very different in that it was much quieter. Its also gorgeous with villas all over the mountains that rise there, and small plazas in the village with plane trees. There are good restaurants and a beautiful waterfront and its easy to drive in and out of. Hope this helps.

Best to everyone, Cathia in Austin, Texas