Subject: Introduction - new member in Las Vegas with Slovenia question
Moderator's Note - Welcome, Elizabeth!

Dear Travelzine,

I am asking to join because I read Don and Linda's journal about travel in Slovenia and that read generated questions and a yen for more information.

My son is flying me to where ever I want to go in the world in either late summer or early fall. He will meet me at the destination as he lives and works in Asia.  Anyway, we are zeroing in on Slovenia with maybe a few days in Hungary.  I am most interested in moderate hiking with bird watching in mind and when I called the Slovenian travel office in NYC, I was told that there are no bird watching trips or groups.  Surely that cannot be so; I called Audubon Society and was steered to the Slovenian Travel Office.

Enough for now. I hope to hear from you.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Gibson Las Vegas