Subject: Chile
Hi Ziners:

We are starting to plan a trip to Chile this fall. We love flowers, hiking and wine. We would appreciate help getting started.

We are planning on spending 3 weeks, probably mid-Oct through mid- Nov. We would love to see the desierto florido and are hoping the El Nino weather continues next year. This is why we are thinking of going mid-Oct to potentially catch part of the desert bloom. We would also like to do some hiking in the Lake District and Torre del Paine.

Right now, we are wondering how much is possible to see in 3 weeks? We would like to see the Atacama, Lauca National Park, area around Vallenar/ La Serena if it is a desert bloom, the Lake District and Torre Del Paine. That seems a lot for 3 weeks. Our travel style is usually 3 days or more in a location.

Do you have any advice to help us start planning? What about the weather in the South/Patagonia in early November? A favorite hike? A don't miss recommendation?

Also is the Lan Chile Air Pass a good deal?


- Marta in Washington State