Subject: Re: driving from vienna

>We do have another question - what is the driving time from Vienna to
>Prague, Vienna to Budapest and Vienna to Salzburg.

We drove Vienna to Prague last summer and it was about 5-6 hrs BUT be very careful ... in the Czech Republic whenever you enter a town of any size, the speed limit is either 60 or 50 km/hr (i forget which) and it won't be posted and there are MANY speed traps all over the country. We were caught and had to pay something like 70 euros cash and the cop that got us was just pulling EVERYONE over wholesale ... others i know have been caught -- it is very well known.

Vienna to Budapest is much close, maybe 2 1/2 hrs. i don't recall but i think Salzburg is more like 5 hrs but if you are fast on the highway you can cut that down.

harold ...