Subject: Re: Celebrity Cruises - The Mercury

You are referring to the Norwalk virus which is usually around in the winter months anyway and is found outside of cruise ships as well. My understanding is that most healthy people will not catch the virus and anyone can take the simple precaution of washing your hands often and as required. The virus is shortlived - if you get sick it will usually last for 24 hours - and can be caught anywhere including travelling on planes and trains. The publicity surrounding it this year has more to do with the fact that one line (Holland America) was particularly badly hit and then took immediate action by disembarking the passengers and taking the ships out of commission for cleaning. I suspect as many people get sick from flying but passengers disburse to many locations so we don't hear about it.

I wouldn't let it stop me from taking another cruise or from travelling anytime.

By the way, our tablemates from Florida only spent $400 for their cruise so the $279 you were quoted may have been a sell-off to fill the ship.