Subject: Re EasyCar
Hi Janice --

EasyCar, as far as I can tell, rents only two types of cars, the Smart car, which is a tiny, two-seater, strictly for the city, and the Mercedes-Benz A series, which are small four-seaters (sub-sub-compact). At first blush they look like bargains, but read the fine print. There seem to be added fees they don't show in the big print. Plus the lowest prices are only available over the Web. Also, you pay extra if the car is not thoroughly cleaned before you return the car. And, the main reason I would never rent an EasyCar, is that they put signs on the doors and back window, in big letters, saying EasyCar. Tome, that's like an advertisement to thieves: I'm a tourist, rob me. So the rental fee is low, yes, but you're basically driving a moving billboard (and thief magnet).

If your plan is to remain in Paris, you don't need a car. Take the Metro, bus or taxis. If you plan to visit areas outside of Paris, rent a compact car from one of the standard rental agencies (I generally use Europcar, which I find has excellent customer service). As I said, the Smart car is unsuitable for driving outside the city, and the Mercedes is a bit too small for my taste (tho suitable for short distances, off the main highways).

Bon voyage!

Evan in Paris