Subject: Re: Celebrity Cruises - The Mercury
Hello Etta,

And thank you for all that information.

The $249 cruise offer is actually supposed to be good for anytime during 2003. Maybe the problem is that the only time one can get is hurricane season...but then again, maybe not.

Do you mind if I ask what you are paying per person through your agent, as you said it's as good as what you'd get online. I'm just trying to see what a ballpark figure would be for someone who shopped around and is travel savvy. I assume you pay in Canadian dollars.

Also, if you've ever been on a cruise, I was wondering if you could answer this question: I have an acquaintance who goes regularly and from I've heard her say, they seem to need certain clothing. She had to get formal gowns and her husband needed a tuxedo. And I believe there was more than one formal evening. She bought a few, not minding, as she goes on 2 cruises each year and can wear them again.

But from the editorial I read on the Mercury it sounded as if there is a dress code. Does that apply to only specific restaurants, or is it absolutely obligatory to arrive with a specific type of wardrobe. I'm asking because I've never owned those type of clothes.

Bon voyage :-) Suzan