Subject: Re: Celebrity Cruises - The Mercury
Suzan, I'll wade in here having just returned from a cruise on the Mercury.

The main restaurant, for a seven day cruise, has two formal, two informal and three casual nights. Cocktail length dresses are fine for the formal and informal nights and trousers/skirts and a nice top are okay for casual. The dress code for men is more stringent in that your male partner should take a jacket and dress shirt for the formal and informal nights and perhaps a tie for the formal evenings. Tuxedos are not required. Primarily they want to avoid jeans and shorts in the dining room, which are not permitted at any time. If you don't want to dress up at all, you can eat in the Grill which also requires reservations (you can do this on the ship) and is a buffet rather than service. And remember that dress-up on a Caribbean holiday can mean colourful tropical dresses. For reference, I brought black jersey pants which I dressed up with sleeveless tops (cheap at Fairweather stores)for informal nights, a cocktail dress and a long outfit (jersey pants with a long sleeveless overjacket) for the formal nights. On casual nights I simply wore a sleeveless summer dress.