Subject: Introduction - New Member in California
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome David!

Hello, Travelzine Moderator, and Travelzine Members,

Travel is my hobby, which led to my other hobbies: amateur travel photography (both stills and videos), and a non-commercial website where people can go virtually anywhere. Following my retirement, I've spent the last year learning to do computer video editing and create free streaming travel videos. I believe the internet should be free.

As The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer (my web/video alias), this has all been a lot of fun. Hopefully I am in the right place to converse with other passionate travelers. I've been to every continent,and am probably an expert on those places which restrict photography,especially video, plus other related subjects.

This year I am hoping to get back to Japan during Spring, where I adore the castles, but did not have any cameras on my only trip there in 1984. Finally, I have the right contact to create a specialized castle itinerary, if I'm lucky. I am also going to Germany in September. I want to see how Berlin has changed since my 1990 visit, and enjoy more parts of the country my father came from.

I believe it's important that people keep traveling, even in these uncertain times. Fear should not be allowed to triumph.


David Mundstock Berkeley, California, USA