Subject: Re: Birdwatching in Slovenia
Hi Elizabeth!

I live in Slovenia. I read your email about birdwatching in Slovenia and I thought I should ask around to see if I can provide you some help.

I emailed DOPPS - Society for Bird Watching and Bird Studying in Slovenia and very soon a message came from Mr. Rubinic. He writes: Hi! I was contacted by DOPPS on account of your interest for birdwatching tours in Slovenia. For a moment I can only show you an offer we made in cooperation with DOPPS for last year touring as an information.

For all questions concerning birdwatching and touring you can contact me from February 19, 2003 on my mobile phone 041 703 282. Before this date you can contact me by e-mail (

Here is his Mr. Rubinic's full address:

Borut Rubinic Institute for Bird Research and Nature Protection Ornis balcanica Prazakova 11 SLO-1000 Ljubljana SLOVENIA

The message contained an attachment which I am going to send to your private address.

Good luck! Goran