Subject: Chateaux
Hi Janet, I believe that one thing that contributes to the enjoyment of the Chateaux is to refresh one's history, finding out in advance as much as possible about each chateaux.

I mean: For anyone visiting the Chateau de Blois, it will make a big difference to know who the Duke of Guise was, when was he murdered and in what part of the chateau did the murder took place. Why was he murdered by Henri III' mignons? What were the stories (true of false) told at the time about Catherine de Medici?, ... and much, much more. When visiting Chennonceaux, of course, it will make a difference to be aware of the passionate love between Henri II and Dianne of Poitiers, how Dianne being much older than the King had his devotion and love till the end so forth and so forth, .....

Personally I have limited to 2 the number of chateaux that I visited in each trip. Graziella, Miami Beach.