Subject: Re: Chateaux
Dear Janet:

I just want to second the nomination of Azay-le-Rideaux and Chenonceau as the winners in the chateaux sweepstakes, with Chambord a very close third. I also wanted to mention that when we were there a number of years ago, Azay-le -Rideaux had a sound and light show some evenings which was performed as you were transported by boat slowly around the lake surrounding the chateau. As you floated past, candles were lit in the windows in various parts of the building as its history was dramatically recounted. It was quite a memorable event. These are all particularly memorable for their architectural beauty and their settings. The other chateau which should not be missed, if possible, is Amboise, partly because of its setting in the interesting country town surrounding it, but particularly because of its great historical interest. It was the royal residence of Charles VIII and Francis !!, and was the last residence of Leonardo Da Vinci, who probably worked on it and who is buried in its chapel. It is also the site of the Huguenot plot against Guise family which ended in the tragic mass execution of Huguenots from the castle ramparts. Unpleasant as that aspect of its past may be, the chateau practically exudes history from every stone. Have a great trip, Don in Los Angeles