Subject: Re: Guatemala
Hi Margo,

We spent two weeks in Guatemala in 2001, travelling independently. We've been to lots of countries (about 90), but found we had to be particularly careful in Guatemala, including Guatemala City. If you don't have to make it your base, I'd suggest that Antigua (a couple of hours away) would be a much better base. It's nestled between three volcanoes, and is among the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Americas (it's an Unesco World Heritage Site). Because LOTS of foreigners go there for Spanish language schools, it has lots of good restaurants etc, and is much better set up for tourists than Guatemala City. As for getting to Chichicastenango, we went on a Sunday from Panajachel, so can't help you, but I'm sure there would be tours for the day, certainly from Antigua if not Guatemala City, as it's a big tourist drawcard.

Dianne in Sydney, Aust