Subject: Advice re Como and Naples
Hello all,

The world situation permitting, we plan to be in Italy this May. Florence is no problem regarding choice of hotel--we would not dream of staying elsewhere than the Nizza. However, our first choice hotels in Como and Naples were unavailable (no rooms at the Continental in Como, and the Paradiso in Naples increased its price by 50% in 3 years). I have located and made reservations at two hotels based upon what obviously can be the misleading Internet. These hotels are listed below. We are especially interested in hearing from someone who has stayed at either of these places. In the case of the Cavour in Naples, we are also interested in advice from people who stayed at another hotel at this piazza (the one in front of Stazione Centrale). I am familiar with the location of the Metropole Suisse. It seems excellent, but other opinions are also solicited. While one would always like less expensive hotels, the prices are in our range.

Naples: The Hotel Cavour at Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi n. 32. If none of you have stayed here, but have stayed at

Como: The Metropole Suisse AU Lac at Piazza Cavour 19 Como 22100

Molte Grazie.

Ira H. Bernstein Arlington, Texas