Subject: Where To Go? You build it!
Hello Travelers:

As I gaze out my window waiting for the snow to get deep enough for me to brave the blizzard conditions and fire up the snowblower, I wonder where I would rather be at this moment. Would it be the Canal du Midi on a barge in September? Perhaps, the slopes of Aspen on a clear day with fresh powder. How about Lisbon, London or even Lichtenstein? Better yet, how about combining the best into one place. What would be your idea of the perfect place for a couple of weeks?

At first blush, I would opt for a small, but tastefully comfortable villa in Provence, abutting the ski area Telluride on one side and a beach in Mallorca on the other. Add a Spanish chef, an English butler and a fast but understated BMW and I'd be in Heaven for a fortnight. Oh, I forgot; there are more sides. I would add the Prado from Madrid and the Louvre. I think I am going to need more than two weeks. I'd better make it a month. Then again, the English countryside should be one of the neighbors.....hmmmm this could get out of hand.

What would you put in your mythical vacation place?

Tom in a very snowy Carlisle