Subject: Re: The Abbey of Fontevrault (was: Chateaux)
Hi Sally,

By all means, do not miss a visit to the Abbey of Fontevrault! We visited it several years ago and it was a magic place full of history. We took a long tour of the Abbey which was included in our ticket. It was in French and it was fascinating. As you know this was a rich and powerful abbey, both for men and women, always governed by a woman of the French nobility. If I remember right Violet le Duc, remodeled parts of it , such as the medieval kitchens which are fascinating. As you mentioned , the tombs of Eleonor of Aquitaine and Richard Lion Heart, one of her many sons, are located side by side in the Abbey's chapel. The statue( there is a name for this kind of statue ....???) laying on her tomb has an open book in her hand. She was such a remarkable woman.!

Graziella, Miami Beach.