Subject: Re: Vancouver and Victoria

Good choice, seeing Vancouver/Victoria in the summer. (Slightly biased statement because we live in Vancouver.) Seriously, though 1. 3 days Vancouver, 2 days Victoria should be a good split. 2. Ferries: Suggest you consider taking the Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay Ferry (if your visit starts in Vancouver) If you are not renting a car, the best way to do the crossing is to go by bus which gives you a downtown to downtown connection. 3. Hotel/B& B recommendations: If you could tell us a bit of your desiderata (price, location etc), we'll have a crack at making some suggestions. 4. Concerts: Since that term now includes everything from Guns and Roses to classical music, what's of interest? Ignorance is total re the former but a little better about the latter. If you are here in August, there is a feast of mainly classical and world music offered by Festival Vancouver. But there is always something going on ( also in the theatres [Canadian spelling] 5. Places to eat: Preferences?

Lastly, as you will have noticed from your Whistler trip, those green notes you use have a lot more clout here that our colourful money. Please don't hesitate to get back with any questions you have. Regards. Howard