Subject: Re: Vancouver and Victoria
Thanks Howard and Jim,

Excellent replies. Jim's suggestion for the Kenya Court looks great. Now, we just have to settle on the dates. Most likely in July. As for the ferries I'm thinking of trying to do this without a rental car which would have us on the Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay Ferry. We'll save the Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo ferry for when we have a car and can head up to Tofino and other points north.

Howard, as for concerts our tastes lean more towards folk and pop music. The Festival Vancouver sounds intriguing but we might be a bit early for that. What I'm curious about is whether there is a venue similar to the Concerts on the Pier series in Seattle, or the Mountain Winery venue in Saratoga, California. Essentially, these are outdoor venues that offer a wonderful atmosphere in addition to the music. Failing this a more intimate club setting would also tickle our fancy.

Jim made a couple of interesting suggestions in the restaurant category. We'd definitely like to take advantage of the mutlitude of Chinese restaurants. Any suggestions in this category? Especially dim sum.

Thanks again,

John in San Diego