Subject: Re: More about Chile
I love reading your posts, John - wow!

One question, does one need Spanish in order to travel as you do? Neither of us have any real Spanish!! I am afraid that if we traveled as we usually do, we'd be sorry as we couldn't really communicate. We were told that we would not be served well if we don't speak the language, and we thought that we would join a group after visiting Torres Del Paine? What's your opinion?

We would forego the Lake District, do the Fitzroy Glacier area and perhaps go further south to Darwin country if we can take the time. - The bulk of our time would be in and around the Park. I don't know if we'd do the circuit, but we're making some preliminary plans. I will look for the book you recommended. Thanks. The books that I've been looking at are the Lonely Planet's Chile & Easter Island, Footprint's Argentina Handbook, The Rough Guilde's Chile and Ulysses's Chile (I loved this book when going to Provence).

Thanks, John Susie