Subject: Re: Vancouver and Victoria
Hi John, You've had so much great info already that I hesitate to jump in too but I wanted to add a couple of ideas. You probably need only one day to see Victoria itself(r a bit more if you want to see Butchart Gardens but there are also very beautiful gardens in Vancouver -for example VanDusen and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Have you considered taking a float plane from Vancouver to Victoria, harbour to harbour and just spending the day there. People sometimes take the ferry there and back in one day but it is a very long day.

As with Vacouver, Victoria does have lots of music happening throughout the Summer including both Jazz and Folk festivals depending on when you are there and there are always buskers playing on the streets and outdoor music is usually happening at Bastion Square. My daughter who lives in Victoria,and happens to be staying with us this week, says I should mention the Crab Shack and Shrimp shack restaurants on houseboats in Shoal Harbour which is the far side of the Inner Harbour.

If you do decide to overnight in Victoria, I'd suggest checking out the Laurel Point Inn on the Inner harbour or for a real splurge, the Ocean Pointe Inn.

There's so much happening in Vancouver you won't be bored however long you stay. I'd like to second Carol's suggestion of the Floata Rest. for Dim Sum and also a visit to the Sun Yat Sen Gardens for a tranquil hour, take the short guided tour if you are able.Kitsilano is a super area for walking, eating and relaxing. I'm sure you'll love it.

Best regards Judy Abbotsford BC