Subject: The Abbey of Fontevrault (was: Chateaux )
Hi Sally ,

I am delighted that you will visit The Abbey of Fontevrault, you and your friends will not regret it. You can go to for more information. Frankly I always wonder how often the commercial tours,guide books, and the like have a tendency to overlook Fontevrault . Even Victor Hugo, in Les Miserables makes a reference to the wonders of this Abbey that it was like a city and that there were streets in the monastery. As an anecdote I remember reading someplace that one of the many Abbess of Fontenvrault, - the Abbess ruled over both communities that of the men and women,- was Jean Baptiste de Bourbon , natural daughter of Henri IV.. Well enough gossip for this morning. Please let us know when you come back how is Fontevrault these days.

Graziella , Miami Beach.